How to Generate Free MLM Leads

Free MLM Leads

Search Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other leading search engines for “free MLM leads” you’ll find pages and pages of MLM lead generation companies offering thousands of leads to the network marketer. It’s not unusual to see lead generation companies just giving away “Free MLM leads”, sometimes as many away 10,000 at a time. Wow, what a deal!

The way to get those precious leads is very simple. All you have to do is fill out a short form with your contact information, like name and an e-mail address, and you’re given a link where you can go retrieve your new leads. Easy-peasy, and Voila! You’re in business!

But wait a minute; what are you really getting in return for your e-mail? Though you’re pretty jazzed about getting new leads, are you sure you’re getting quality leads? High odds that none of these people are your target market; you may even find yourself on the list!

The reality is, there is nothing free in life, and that includes MLM leads.

A true quality lead is worth its weight in gold. Think about it. Is a valid company really going to just give away such valuable information as the names of people actively trying to start their own home based business? Why would they do such a thing? Well, they won’t. They’re definitely after something in return.

What they wanted was your contact information, and you just gave it to them. Pretty soon your name and e-mail address will have been sold to every nickel and dime lead company on the planet. Get ready for a slew of emails daily from companies you have no interest in – just like the people on that “free” lead list you downloaded.

Even though there may be a couple of good leads in that free list, the vast majority of them will be totally worthless.

What you’re ultimately after are qualified leads, as in people who have shown in some way that they are interested in what you have to offer. At minimum these leads fill out a long form questionnaire, outlining what they’re interested in. The highest quality leads are also telephone-verified, where further detail can be added to validate their interest and capability to truly start a home based business.

Going through that qualification process costs time and money. That effort greatly increases the value of these leads, and therefore the price tag to go along with them.

How to Get the Best MLM Leads

The simplest way to generate top quality leads yourself is by using attraction marketing. It’ll take some time, but it won’t cost near as much as purchasing highly qualified leads.

As an example, one method is to write articles about your opportunity, goods or services, and as the topic address the concerns, problems, and questions of your target audience.

If you place a call to action at the end of your article, you can direct interested parties to your website, blog, or landing page.

All you’ve got to do is write your article (or have it written for you on sites like,, submit your article to article directories, and then promote it. This way people who are looking for answers to questions about your opportunity will seek you out, instead of you having to find them. The best part is you never have to “sell” them on your opportunity; they are already interested before they contact you, and see you as the leader they are looking for.

Another method is simply to “make friends” online. Forums, blogs, and other social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn are great places to find an audience.

Offer your expertise, provide meaningful suggestions whenever you can, and brand yourself by being a helpful and frequent contributor. Remember to always try and add value vs. “selling” your opportunity. Attraction marketing works by promoting yourself at first. Marketing your product or opportunity comes later after people have grown to like and trust you.

Not too long from now you will have created relationships with people who are truly interested in your product or opportunity, and through attraction marketing you will have actually created your own qualified MLM leads. Now you have not only made your own free MLM leads, you have also created a relationship with someone who is serious about wanting to work with YOU.

If you would like to learn more about how to create your own free MLM leads, plus how to build a business, not just a downline, sign up for my free 5 day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp here.

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  1. Lean
    5 years ago

    I’ve done such searches and noticed that there are seemingly unlimited resources for leads. The problem is the quality of the leads. I have known persons who work in the lead brokering business and I have learned that besides the issue of your email address being distributed, there is the possibility that you are getting a large percentage of “NGs (the industry’s acronym for no good’ leads). Sure, the email is valid, but often it is of persons who have already rejected a similar offer.

    • Kay
      5 years ago

      Agreed. I once signed up for a “make money” offer, and three years later am still getting phone calls. I’ve “rejected” each call, but there’s no way to get off the master list.

  2. Lisa
    5 years ago

    I noticed that there are a ton of videos about the subject of amassing MLM leads. It is a loaded subject. I think generating the best MLM leads is both a skill and an art that can be learned. One of the important factors to remember is that you are talking to real people. It’s not about you. It’s about them. Find out their feelings, their goals and wants. Then provide a solution. Build a relationship and then a partnership.

  3. Matthew
    5 years ago

    This is a great post I have been trying to make money on this MLM stuff for a few months now with no luck so this is something that I am hoping will help me start making money. You have done a great thing putting this advice out there and I hope that everybody will benefit from it in some small way. Keep up the good work you did a great job.

  4. James
    5 years ago

    Isn’t this something that you have to watch carefully though because some of those offering thousands might not be good leads right? If they are giving you something with a lot of key words and things in them then Google is going to flag your stuff and sand box you because you didn’t go about getting leads the right way.

    • Kay
      5 years ago

      You’re right in that those thousands of free leads are generally not worth your time. In terms of creating content as a way of attracting leads, Google will love you if it’s valid, meaningful content. If you churn and burn articles, there’s no real value there. Google will realize it, but more importantly, so will anyone visiting your site.

  5. Linda
    5 years ago

    MLM is one of the most lucrative industries, but it is a fact that the success rate is so low as 3-5%. If you are familiar with this industry you would know that most MLM leaders make it sound like walk in the park. This leads to the new MLM reps going out to market their opportunity without proper understanding of the basics. So a site like this is of great help to many novices.

  6. Larry
    5 years ago

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I am sick and tired of chasing friends and family, being hung up on by acquaintances, and sadly being a member of the NFL (no, not football, but the No Friends Left club). At one point early on in my network marketing career some of my family started “no showing for regular Sunday lunches (we’ve been doing for years) for fear of having me pitch them again on my business.

  7. Edith
    5 years ago

    This is great advice because this is something that I have struggled with in my business and getting it off the ground. Thank you for the best advice I have seen on the internet before and you put together a great blog post here. I hope you will keep posting information like this as it comes out. I will make sure to return to your blog for updates.

  8. William
    5 years ago

    I decided to sign up for the email news letter on Kay’s blog mainly because I would like to see how she designs her emails. I understand the importance of creating compelling emails which have information that is of value to a given audience. In this particular case, I was drawn to the idea that it is possible to gain 100 leads or so per day and furthermore, the claim that you can earn money when visitors do not sign up.

  9. Network Marketing Leads
    5 years ago

    Thank you for this post! I think you bring up some very good points below about generating MLM Leads and I will absolutely be examining your blog site for even more testimonials and info. I value it and I have actually subscribed to your feed.

    • Kay
      5 years ago

      Thank-you for the kind comments. Feel free to make any suggestions on any particular topics you’d like to see.